This is the Meon Valley!



It’s the perfect environment for growing Christmas trees πŸŽ„


Growing Nordmann firs involves a lot of love and care….and patience. To produce top quality trees, individual care is given, right from planting to cutting. Each plant has to be fed and watered and protected from weeds and pests, including rabbits and deer! As they grow, they require personal attention in the form of pruning and other operations to produce the classic shape we all know and love.


Meon Valley Christmas Trees specialise in the growing and supplying of Nordmann firs. These beautiful trees with their long soft needles are renowned for their ability to retain these needles right through the festive season and beyond! As our trees are grown in the Meon Valley, they are all freshly cut and have not travelled all around the country, or even Europe, as many have. Meon Valley Christmas Trees are the only grower approved to sell at Hampshire Farmer’s Markets, (see dates).

So come and choose a top quality locally grown Christmas tree.

Please check the website, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news as we approach the festive season.

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