Meon Valley Christmas Trees grow high quality, non-drop Nordman fir trees. We are located at the top of the Meon Valley in mid-Hampshire, on land ideally suited for fir trees.


From planting, all the trees have been carefully managed with individual attention throughout the growing season. All trees are pruned and bud rubbed to achieve the shape you expect from a Christmas tree.

Any weeds and pests are controlled, and the trees are fertilised with organic and specialist treatments to optimise growth and colour.

Many trees for sale in the UK are imported and have clocked up many miles, tightly packed into crates in the back of lorries. Trees from Meon Valley Christmas Trees are the freshest available anywhere because they are cut, netted and can be delivered, to order.

We have trees from 4ft to 9ft available for this Christmas. They are competitively priced, and discounts are available for large orders.

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